Hi everyone !

This time I will introduce to all of you one of the greatest First Person Shooter in 2007 and it is also the best game I’ve ever played. You will experience the most realistic warfare in the Middle East . It scored 9.0 points in GameSpot and grabbed almost all prizes in gaming industry last year. For further detail : visit GameSpot.

System requirement :

Video RAM : 128 MB

Video Card 3D Acceleration

Video HW Transform & Lighting

Vertex Shader Ver. : 2.0

Pixel Shader Ver. : 2.0

Here is a little guide to help you play online without having to purchase a legal copy :

  • After installing a 2-DVD game (appx. 6Gbs disk space required), you should download the lasting patches : v1.4 full patch (70 Mbs) and v1.4 -> v1.5 incremental patch (10 Mbs) .
  • Applying those 2 patches, if you wanna play Single Player : Download this and patch. Otherwise, proceed to the iw3mp.exe or the shortcut on desktop to launch the Multiplayer Game. Go to the Option Menu and Edit the CDkey (PM me when you need this).
  • Click join game – Add to Favorite

Vietnamese Private Servers (no PunkBuster*):

  1. cod4vn.no-ip.info
  2. cod4vietnam.no-ip.info

Hong Kong Servers (PunkBuster* activated):

  1. htk9.com:28960
  2. htk9.com:28961
  3. hkt9.com:28962

And that’s all, my nick name in CoD4 is iLegend too !

(* : if you have trouble with PunkBuster : download this then install, it will update the lastest PunkBuster files for CoD4)