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E-Books : Home Decorating With Origami
uthor: Tomoko Fuse | Type: Craft | English | PDF | 110 pages | Size: 27 MBLovely origami book–> It contains an attractive collection of geometric style models such as unusual little boxes, vases and abstract decorations for placing around your home. There is also a collection of items such as chopstick holders and various kinds of stationery and envelopes. There is even a delightful collection of stars and snowflakes which would be wonderful for the festive season in making decorations and cards.

The book is divided into 4 chapters:
Chapter 1: Card and Letter Holders (14 models)
Chapter 2: For Use and Decoration (12 models)
Chapter 3: Twinkling Stars (16 models)
Chapter 4: Packages (14 models)

A lot of the models in this book is 2D and thus you can fold and send as presents or send it as a self made card. The result is very attractive. Some of it looks good on a dinner table when you have guests for special occasions.

I like the spectacularly beautiful stars, boxes and presents. The stars looks attractive when they form part of a card send to a love one.

All these models looks good when used to decorating your home.



E-Books : Extreme Origami By Kunihiko Kasahara
Extreme Origami By Kunihiko Kasahara
Sterling | ISBN: 1402706022 | 64 pages | PDF | 4.34 MB
Paper Folding 3D
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